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  1. It has been exciting to hear the WORD about being renewed, restored and changed. I have felt the Holy Spirit moving, not just inside the church building, but in my life. Praise God. The vision Pastor Doug shared today, January 19, was very encouraging. GOD bless everybody during the time of growth.

  2. I keep thinking about the sermon Jana preached March 6th. Elijah praying for rain, and receiving the abundance of reign. I don’t know if she meant to spell rain, differently at the end of the intro, But God did. He has sent an abundance of rain and reign. Hugs from me, JAN

  3. Micah’s message was so encouraging to me. Teaching us to trust God that He is our provider. What an encouragement to have a young lady speak into my life and stir my heart in the love and provision the Lord has for us. Thank you Micah for sharing your heart and experience with us!

  4. Micah, you message spoke to me. I have listened to it twice now. I don’t think I caught it all through both times. It said so much, and to be delivered to the body of Christ from a youth speaks volumes to me. When I saw the title it peaked my interest, as I thought it would be about someone who is lost… wasn’t. It was about someone, you, being prompted by the Spirit to leave behind any ties or bonds that incumbered or would burden the powers of God. And to be encouraged to move forward, or, per se, “launch out”, release any yoke of bondage that would stop the word in you from producing and going forward, trusting He would provide a way. Then to hear that He, our Lord, has placed you exactly where He called you to be. But yet the power comes in your obediance. What you spoke has told me that He has placed us all where He wants us to be, we need to hear that calling and step out, fearlessly, in a fearful world, and obey. Thank you Micah, with your gentle quiet spirit, it took an abundance of courage on your part to show us you are His obediant servant. It is time for us to follow that lead.

    MITCH and I want to THANK every body for the help, concern, and prayers..
    I was totally amazed the way everybody worked together, doing something different, with the same goal in mind. Someone moved the car, someone called 911, another caring for the wound, one getting a pillow, another getting a first aid kit from their car. One caring for the valuables in the car, calling love ones, and another giving me a ride to the hospital.. I know that there were others doing things I haven’t mentioned..They were AlLL working together..When the ambulance arrived, the questions they asked were answered in a calm manner.

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